Brian Brooks


Reflections of Bridge Café

As we wander through Romily Park , both eager for our coffee and Oscar for his toast crusts; suddenly realise it is now 4 years since Oscar entered the lives of Sue and Brian and so many others to mention.

For the first time in our lives we actually notice the seasons, from the naked branches in Winter to branches in Summer leaf; enjoying variance in colours from the autumnal gold to leafy green.

As we pass under the “Bridge”, we enter another World and meet up with our new circle of friends; what a change Oscar has made to our lives. From Jim the storyteller, David the provider of things meat, Sandra the provider of all things you shouldn’t eat – mince pies to die for, Gwyn the TV producer to the wonderful staff of the Bridge Café.

It is now like a scene from “Cheers” and where Oscar now meets all his fan club.

We sit and enjoy the company, it is like a dream and then I look at my watch………..the dream must end until the next day; work beckons.

Brian Brooks

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